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Moche route & Chachapoyas north of Peru
07 days package

Enjoy the magnificent Moche route plus Chachapoyas nature arqueology tour package
Discoverer the Wonder of the Peruvian Archaeology in the North Coast and nature in Chachapoyas
We explore and enjoy the amazing archaeological sites and diverse cultures of the north coast. With tours in Chiclayo, Trujillo and Chachapoyas this itinerary includes visits to Trujillo Chan Chan, the sprawling 500-acre complex of adobe palaces built by the pre-Inca Chimú culture, and also the majestic Moche Temples of the Sun and the Moon. In Chiclayo we visit Túcume, the Sipán archaeological site, and the Museum of the Royal Tombs. Continue our trip visiting Chachapoyas.
Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights
Departures: Departures from Lima Peru
Activities: Excursion to Trujillo city tiur, Huaca el Sol Luna, Chan chan, Chiclayo, Lord of Sipan useum, Huaca rajada archaeological site, Tucume, Chachapoyas, Gocta Falls, Kuelap Forttress, Karajia ending in Lima
Hotels Hotel accommodations are included as below
Customizable YES, feel free to ask for extra services.

Non escorted tour: All tours, hotels, transfers, transport & domestic flights are booked but you do not have a tour guide in the evenings, leisure hours etc. All tours are with English speaking guide and joined with other tourists.

Tour details:


Historic centre of Trujillo
Historic centre of Trujillo
Day 01: Lima - Trujillo - city tour
Duration: 4 hours
You are picked up at your hotel or airport in Lima. Flight to Trujillo.
Arrival to the City of Trujillo, meet and greet by our local representative that will take us directly to our hotel , after the check in you will received a short pre briefing of your trip . At time we will start our city tour of Trujillo.
Our second visit will take place at the Cassinelli museum, a great private collection that has on display unique pieces from the different cultures that thrived on the north of Peru about 2000 years ago. At this remarkable museum you will be able to see genuine ceramics from the Moche Culture representation various types of animals, musical instruments, human deceases, different human races from ancient times and fine erotic scenes. This museum shows pieces mainly from the Mochica, Chimu and Recuay Culture. The Cassinelli museum is undoubtedly a small treasure of the city of Trujillo. Later we will drive our vehicle to the center of the city where we will visit the house of the emancipation, a historic place where the precursors of independence met for the forthcoming independence of Peru. In the interior we will be able to observe a beautiful mock-up that shows the historic center of Trujillo during the colonial epoch.
Then we will visit the Calonge house or Urquiaga house, one wonderful construction of neoclassic style that once housed the liberator Simon Bolivar. In the interior of this colonial house we will appreciate Simon Bolivar’s desk, pottery collection and other interesting relics.
Finally we will do a short walking tour around the main square of Trujillo and will be able to see the cathedral Trujillo, whose foundation dates from XVII century. at time Dropp off at your hotel.

Chan chan archeological site, Trujillo
Chan chan archeological site, Trujillo
Day 02: Moon & Sun Temple - the pre-Inca city of Chan Chan - Beach of Huanchaco - Bus to Chiclayo.
Duration: 6 - 7 hours tour, 2.5 hours (to Chiclayo)
After breakfast. Excursion 15 minutes South of Trujillo to visit the enormous adobe constructions built by the Mochica Culture in the 5th century, called Temple of the Sun, considered the largest adobe pyramid in Peru and the Temple of the Moon, housing an extensive burial ground and some fine polychrome murals in which their deity is often printed. Is believed that both were complementary, one administrative and the other religious. Proceed to Huanchaco Beach, well frequented by beach-goers and surfers, you will have the opportunity to Trujillo Tours - Chiclayo Tours, Peru Toursappreciate the local fishermen surfing the waves in their traditional "Caballitos de Totora", little reed boats used for fishing since pre Inca times, by Northern Peruvians during lunch.
In the afternoon, visit the largest mud archaeological complex of the pre-Hispanic America, Chan Chan, ancient Capital of the Chimu Empire (13th Century), visiting the Temple del Arco Iris, the site museum and the Tshudi Palace.
After this tour transfer to Trujillo bus station to take the bus to Chiclayo (2 hours 30 minutes approx.). Upon arrival, transfer to your selected hotel. Overnight in Chiclayo.

Lord of Sipan Museum, Chiclayo
Lord of Sipan Museum, Chiclayo
Day 03: Chiclayo: Huaca Rajada and the Royal Tombs of Sipán. Night Bus to Chachapoyas
Duration: 6 - 7 hours tour
After breakfast we will continue our route for 40 minutes from Chiclayo to Visit the archaeological complex of Tucume or Valley of the Pyramids, an important archaeological complex of the Lambayeque Culture (BC 1,000 / 1,350 AD), consisting of pyramids from which the extensive pre-Columbian urban site can be surveyed.
After a typical Northern dishes lunch, begin excursion to the impressive Necropolis of Huaca Rajada, a Mochica funeral centre where a great number of tombs have been discovered and where the tombs of the Old Lord of Sipan (3rd Century) and the Lord of Sipan (5th Century), famous for its objects in gold and semi-precious stones, were unearthed in the decade of the 1980's by Peruvian archaeologists led by Dr. Walter Alva. Transfer to the bus station to Chachapoyas night bus.

sarcophagi of Karajia, Chachapoyas.
sarcophagi of Karajia, Chachapoyas.
Day 04: Arrival to Chachapoyas - tour Karajia and Quiocta Cave.
At the morning Upon arrival in Chachapoyas, transfer to your hotel.
After the breakfast start the tour and your first stop is the town of Cruzpata, which is the launching point for the hike to the Karajia sarcophagi, 1000 year old tombs embedded at the top of a cliff. Each sarcophagus stands almost 2 meters tall, are made of mud, and decorated with geometric shapes. You will eat lunch afterwards, and then it's off to Quiocta Cave, a major natural attraction in the town of Lamud. The cave is extremely interesting, from an archeological and geological point of view, because of its location. There are cave paintings, usually shapeless, as well as animal and human bones at the cave entrance. The remains are a constant throughout the first section of the cave since the Chachapoyas used caves for burial sites. The first cave formations are seen nearly 300 meters from the mouth of the cave, including stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, columns, and gours. Overnight in Chachapoyas.

Kuelap fortress, Chachapoyas
Kuelap fortress, Chachapoyas
Day 05: Tour to Kuelap arqueological complex.
Duration: 7 hours aprox.
Today you will head off to Kuelap, a major archeological site built by the Chachapoyas. It is a massive stone structure located at the top of a 3000 meter tall mountain. It is located on the left bank of the Uctubamba River in the Province of Luya. Experts place its construction at around 1000 A.D., which coincides with the golden age of the Chachapoyas culture. In their native language, Kuelap means "cold place", and while this site is in the rainforest, it enjoys a temperate climate, dry during the day with extreme drops in temperature at night.
Though some scholars believe Kuelap was a fortress, Peruvian archeologist Federico Kauffmann Doig claims it was a hub for managing food production and for religion. Some think it was merely a fortified city. Return to Chachapoyas.

Gocta waterfall, Chachapoyas
Gocta waterfall, Chachapoyas
Day 06: Gocta falls - night bus Chachapoyas to Chiclayo.
Duration: 7 - 8 hours aprox.
The day trip begins at the small town of Cocachimba, which is en route to Gocta Falls, the world's third largest after Angel Falls in Venezuela and Tugela Falls in South Africa. You will have to walk 5 kilometers to reach the site of the waterfall on a trail that cuts through thick vegetation, but the effort is well worth it for you are rewarded with a wonder of nature set within a lovely locality. Afterwards, you return to Chachapoyas.
At the time transfer to the night bus to Chiclayo.

Gocta waterfall, Chachapoyas
Gocta waterfall, Chachapoyas
Day 07: Return to Lima. International Departures.
Arrival to Chiclayo and at the scheduled time, you will be transferred to the airport in Chiclayo for your return flight to Lima.

Trip Includes:

  • Professional tour guide in English.
  • Entrance to all the attractions to visit Machu Picchu and Huanapicchu, Sacred Valley, City tour and surrounding areas, churches and museums.
  • Transfer in every place & cities.
  • 1 night in hotel in Trujillo.
  • 1 night hotel in Chiclayo.
  • 2 nights hotel in Chachapoyas.
  • Breakfasts at hotels.
Not included:
  • International flights to/from Lima and applicable airport taxes
  • Meals "a la carte" (US $ 4 - 10 per meal)
  • Tips and personal expenses
Bear in mind
  • This package are without accompanying guide: in the evenings and free time, you need to be a bit independent, choose your restaurants, clearing the bill etc. All tours are with English guidance so a good understanding of English is a requirement. Knowing how to say "hello" and "thank you" in Spanish would also be nice. A travel guide (book) will be necessary for background information, restaurants etc.

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The prices could vary according to the dates of travel, eg Easter holidays or Independence Day of Peru.

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