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All climbing & expeditions tours packages in Peru

Our climbing adventure expeditions can involve multi-day hiking approaches to a base camp below the objective mountain we will ascend. On this initial segment of the trip which is essentially trekking, there will typically be the support of a porter and, where access for donkeys, they will carry your personal belongings, along with any tents, group climbing equipment, food and cooking equipment. The climbing is generally above the snow-line and can be at very high altitude.
Peru Qorianka has a wide collection of climbing adventure expeditions that includes the ascent of snow-covered peaks of the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash mountain ranges. Our climbing adventure trips have is comprised of suitable peaks in the Cordillera Blanca such the non technical peaks to the more technical peaks we offer for experienced climbers.
Our climbing expeditions have an experienced mountain guide who is professionally UIAGM qualified. None of our climbing trips requires technical equipment more than a single mountaineering ice-axe, together with crampons and a climbing harness and ropes to be used to safeguard steep or exposed sections or crevassed sections of the route. With long days, high altitudes, glacier camping and the possibility of encountering poor weather, these trips can be challenging.
We encourage you to carefully read the mountaineering trip description of each program to ensure that you are fit enough for the trip you have chosen before booking.

Easy to Intemediate Climbing

Suitable Ascents for Novice Climbers

Easy to Intermediate Climbing expeditions are accessible peaks in the Cordillera Blanca are ideal for novice climbers without previous climbing experience. Before you attempt one of these suitable mountain peaks, we suggest that you take a basic instructional climbing course or complete a minimum of a 4 day trek for proper acclimatization and fitness because these peaks are all at very high attitude 12,000 - 18,000 ft / 3658m - 5550m ASL or extremely high altitude exceeding 18,000 ft / 5800m ASL.
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3 days
Mount Pisco

3 days
Mount Ishinca

Technical Climbing Expeditions

For Intermediate Climbers representing Technical and Challenging Climbing

Our Climbing Tours & Expeditions selected as challenging peaks are ideal for those who are in good physical shape and have some proven experience in technical climbing. These peaks offer more challenging ascents requiring an intermediate level of alpine skills. We suggest that you get acclimated and experienced on one of the non-technical peaks listed above in order to avoid the potential for altitude sickness, become better trained and better fit and ready to attempt these challenging peaks. These peaks are situated at between very high to extremely high altitudes such as Huascaran, Peru’s highest peak at 22,132 ft / 6768 m
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